[OSM-talk] Planned revert of added surface and tracktype tags without local knowledge in various countries

Michael Reichert osm-ml at michreichert.de
Sat Jul 18 10:53:24 UTC 2020


while reviewing changes in my local area, I discovered that user Modest7
has been adding tracktype=* tags to lots of highway=track at various
locations. I asked him what sources he used apart from the satellite
imagery mentioned in the imagery_used=* tag of his changesets. See
https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/87236896 for a discussion with him.

I do not believe that one can add reliable tracktype=* information from
satellite imagery without having some ground truth knowledge in order to
know how to interpret the imagery in that region. Adding estimated
tracktype=* does not help OSM on the long term. People how rely on the
information (e.g. some wanting to drive or cycle on that track) are
disappointed about this low-quality OSM data. Mappers who decide where
to map assume these roads to be mapped properly. IMHO, adding
fixme=resurvey tracktype will not improve it. Data consumers usually do
not use tags like fixme=* In the case of imports (another type of mass
editing), we say that an import must not add fixme=* to cover
shortcomings of the data to be imported because they usually do not get
fixed in a reasonable time. Therefore, I plan to revert these changes.

Modest7 does not seem to realise that estimating tracktype from
satellite imagery is not doing a service to OSM. I am currently
preparing a revert of all additions of surface=* and tracktype=* by him
he uploaded since 1 January 2020 [1]. The revert will only edit tags,
geometry will stay unchanged. I revert changes on surface as well
because that's not very different to tracktype except that it applies to
other types of roads as well.

The countries which will be affected are:
United States
Czech Republic

A changeset discussion with him can be found at

Best regards


[1] This date is not fixed yet.

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