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> Do you have an example?

A simple example for a tunnel (here subway) on a bridge would be this:

> Whether it's a bridge or tunnel is fairly easily defined by determining
> which is taking the load.
> If a tunnel's structure was removed, would whitewater's above it
> collapse? If 'yes' then it's a tunnel.

what I wrote was that - according to some technical definitions - a tunnel
must not have something above it, it may be sufficient that it is closed
and long enough. I am not sure if we share these definitions in OSM.
According to the current wiki, "a tunnel is an underground passage for a
road or similar." and also: "tunnel=* is used for roads, railway line,
canals etc that run underground (in tunnel
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/en:Tunnel>). "  This doesn't appear to be
exhaustive / complete, tunnels could also run underwater, above ground and
potentially in the future even in space, no?
Many current underwater tunnels are also "underground", as they are often
running in a man made structure (embankment like) on the ground or below
the water body/river in the ground

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