[OSM-talk] Facebook acquires crowdsourced mapping company Mapillary

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Sun Jun 28 02:34:26 UTC 2020

In addition, there are several pieces that can be used as building blocks:

1. Federated / self hosted systems such email, newsgroups, RSS etc. Can be
used, perhaps using something similar to DHT that can be used to locate
2. Bittorrent, webtorrent or a similar system can be used to spread data
around and serve the data
3. Interplanetary file system - p2p network for storing and sharing data

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On Sun, 28 Jun 2020, 03:03 Marc M., <marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Le 26.06.20 à 14:09, Florian Lohoff a écrit :
> >> I don't care about SLA. Does OSM have SLA?
> > The point is when you distribute your storage to people at
> > home we will have at most 10% of images online all the time.
> what facts are you basing that number on ?
> The worst internet connection I have has 98% availability.
> of course, it's not mandatory to have a pay-per-use dialup :)
> not to mention local chapters or companies with servers in datacenters
> or with fiber connection (where 2 instances of the PoC are running
> right now).
> > Disregarding the case that upstream bandwidth internationally
> > is pretty bad so you tend to have access times
> > for images of about 4-5 seconds at best. (3MByte image at
> > a typical ADSL upstream with 1.5MBit/s and international latencys)
> your logic does not correspond to a distributed storage.
> it is not "one disk that sends one photo to one user"
> it is the pool that sends the pool of requests to all users.
> if you have 1000 adsl to serve 100 simultaneous requests,
> this is the equivalent of 15Mb/s par request (minus the management).
> I leave it up to you to imagine an order of magnitude for the conversion
> between simultaneous requests and users.
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