[OSM-talk] Facebook acquires crowdsourced mapping company Mapillary

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.. sorry, perhaps I was not clear there in my description of the proposed TrekView software ('TrekView Explorer') and its relationship with imagery providers. It will allow users to upload sets of 360 panoramas, refine them (e.g. correct the orientation, adjust their position), tag them, and then submit them to providers such as StreetView, Mapillary and OpenTrailView. It will also provide general information such as how to make the best use out of the various brands of 360 camera (e.g. which ones  include bearing and which ones do not).

Users will also be able to save their panorama sets for later use.


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Something else which might be of interest to contributors to this thread, from the software side of things:

For OpenTrailView I am collaborating with the TrekView project (trekview.org) which aims to make it easy for people to take 360 panoramas of all walking trails, and other off-road locations, in the world.  It's a separate project to OpenTrailView: the aim of TrekView is not so much to collect the data itself, but rather, to make it easy to collect and make avaiable as many 360 panoramas of the natural world as possible, and to submit them to a range of sources, including StreetView, Mapillary and also OpenTrailView.

Nonetheless, it's relevant here because TrekView is aiming to develop a highly user-friendly and open source upload interface which could be adapted for road-based 360 photography too.

Perhaps, if there is any interest in taking this forward, it's worth starting a wiki page showing all the possible software which could be used? Including, but not limited to: the first (open source) version of OpenStreetCam; OpenTrailView; the TrekView upload system when it's ready; and any open source image blurring software out there.


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