[OSM-talk] #AttributionIsNotOptional experiment on OSM France tile servers

Christian Quest cquest at openstreetmap.fr
Sun Mar 8 09:14:58 UTC 2020

Here is a hort report on this experiment...

I started a week ago by searching OSM France tile server logs for 
referer and checked manually if the map on the refering page was 
correctly attributed.

This allowed me to create a short list of 20 entries of sites using the 
french styled tiles and the humanitarian tiles (yes, it is made by OSM 

I then modified our nginx based proxy_cache configuration, to redirect 
some tiles to an "attribution tile" only for the domain in the list.

For two of them, I tweeted about it... the most visible one is the 
moroco yellow page service, generating a little less than a million 
daily tile requests on our servers.


In less than 24 hours, the attribution appeared and I removed them from 
the list.


Then I included an email address in the attribution reminder tile... and 
got emails back within a few hours.

Some were asking how to do the attribution, others telling me the 
attribution was now ok and asking how to remove the reminder tiles.

In my answers, I also remind that our tile service made by volunteers on 
donated hardware is not unlimited and inviting them to have a look at 
switch2osm to setup their own tile server or use a commercial provider.

Up to now, nobody complained :)

Yesterday, I've started automating attribution checking using selenium. 
For each referer, a python script loads the page, searches for tiles, 
then looks for attribution text or link. The result is stored in a 
postgresql database which allows to group referers by url, hostname and ip.

The attribution percentage I currently see is around 70-80% which is not 
that bad.

My next major step is to use the same technique to remind about tile 
usage policy...

To do something similar on osm.org, a first step is to extract referers 
from the cache logs, then use the automated attribution check to 
evaluate the situation.

Le 08/03/2020 à 01:52, Nuno Caldeira a écrit :
> That would be a good option for those that use third party providers 
> of OSM. But to be honest, from my experience I highly doubt that even 
> corporate members of OSMF, like Mapbox would do it, when their client 
> Facebook (also corporate member of OSMF) after one year and half, 
> still has maps with lack of attribution or attributed to HERE, when 
> it's clearly OSM.
> On Sun, 8 Mar 2020, 00:46 Phil Wyatt, <phil at wyatt-family.com 
> <mailto:phil at wyatt-family.com>> wrote:
>     I am sure others may have seen this 'blacklist' implementation for
>     showing a reminder about attribution.
>     https://twitter.com/cq94/status/1234528717604577282
>     Worthy of consideration for openstreetmap.org
>     <http://openstreetmap.org>?
>     Cheers - Phil
Christian Quest - OpenStreetMap France

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