[OSM-talk] #AttributionIsNotOptional experiment on OSM France tile servers

Mario Frasca mario at anche.no
Sun Mar 8 15:00:04 UTC 2020

well, it does look slightly invasive … I had imagined something like a 
transparent text on top of the requested tile.  doing it the way you are 
doing it, you are removing part of the underlying information.  it is 
true that the user can zoom in or out, and the chance that the same are 
is also hidden is, as you state, 4%, but still. … did you experiment 
with a transparency added on top of the requested tile?  that's how I 
would probably do it, and I would only use the lower text, not the top 
icon and bold text, using a smooth opaque mask to make sure the text 
stays well visible, separated from the background.

in practice, I would only add what they need to add themselves, and not 
remove anything.

On 08/03/2020 09:39, Christian Quest wrote:
> Here are a few examples:
> http://www.ardennes-neige.be/
> http://autogas-network.co.uk/
> http://mapa.guadalajara.gob.mx/basura
> http://vivenda.hercesa.ro/
> https://www.visitarnhem.com/routes/wandelroutes
> The reminder tiles is in available english and french:
> https://tilecache.openstreetmap.fr/attribution-en.png
> https://tilecache.openstreetmap.fr/attribution-fr.png
> I mix both at different locations on the maps.
> Automatic attribution checking for one day of log files now takes 
> around 20 minutes.
> I'll clean the nginx config file and share it.
> Le 08/03/2020 à 15:05, Mario Frasca a écrit :
>> On 08/03/2020 05:04, Yves wrote:
>>> Ps: would you share your nginx partial redirect, I may consider it 
>>> for Opensnowmap tiles policy? 
>> On 08/03/2020 06:12, Simon Poole wrote:
>>> anything that deliberately defaces a web site
>> On 08/03/2020 07:13, Christian Quest wrote:
>>> just 1 tile out of 25
>> very interesting experiment, and very amusing results.  bravo.
>> I would say that 1 in 25 is low enough as not to be considered 
>> "defacing" a web site.  what text have you used, concretely, which 
>> had the impact you describe?  in my opinion the shortest, the better, 
>> and I guess you did NOT use »It looks like this site forgot to put 
>> the required attribution in this map corner, so we added it for them. 
>> Thx for using OpenStreetMap !«, did you?  it was in French, wasn't it?
>> my best guess would be nothing else than the attribution text, and 
>> some help to solve their situation, or to get in contact with you.
>> I absolutely share the point of view "contact emails lead to no 
>> contact", and the "whatever works" policy.  this seem to work, so 
>> again, chapeau!
>> indeed, it would be interesting to see your nginx partial redirect.
>> MF
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