[OSM-talk] Updating of land/water polygons (based on natural=coastline) is too slow and unreliable

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sat Nov 21 18:37:22 UTC 2020

I just found out that mappers in the east coast of the USA have been
converting coastal bays and tidal channels to natural=water areas because
they don't like how long it takes to get updated land/water polygons based
on the natural=coastline ways.

See the comments on this changeset, where Pamlico Sound (a large area of
water at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, inside of a line of barrier
islands - comparable to the Waddenzee in the Netherlands) was changed to a
natural=water polygon with the natural=coastline removed.

"That was the reason we started removing the smaller estuaries from the
coastline, so edits to them would show up on the map in a timely fashion. "

Unfortunately to get faster re-rendering times, mappers are mis-tagging
these areas which should be outside of the coastline.

Is there any way we can improve the process of checking and updating the
water and land polygons, currently available on
https://osmdata.openstreetmap.de - so that mistakes do not lead to
multi-week waits for new polygons? Right now the last update was 11/11/2020
- ten days ago.

Is there any way of getting updates more often than once a day in the
best-case scenario when nothing is broken?

-- Joseph Eisenberg
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