[OSM-talk] Find actively browsed undermapped regions and other gaps in OSM

Darafei Praliaskouski darafei at kontur.io
Tue Oct 20 12:46:38 UTC 2020

Hi mappers,

We’ve polished our visualization of the need for OpenStreetMap data,
and its quality. We’ve been building Disaster.Ninja tool to assist HOT
in their activation process, but believe it’s also useful for the
general mapping community.

Kontur OpenStreetMap Antiquity layer lets you see where people look at
the map tiles versus when the map was last edited. Good way to see
undermapped regions that are explored by the users in search of data.
We base the layer on tile views information, thanks Operations Working
group for making it available for such analysis.


Kontur OpenStreetMap Building Quantity is now pointing to a lot more
missed buildings. This became possible thanks to Copernicus releasing
a high resolution global landcover classification raster, and
Microsoft providing the computer vision detected buildings for Canada,
USA, Uganda and Tanzania. Look at the gaps here:


I know this layer was used to plan some mapping parties in Ukraine already.

Check out the other layers if you haven’t seen them, too. :)

To support this visualization we combined all the available public
datasets (Facebook Population, OpenStreetMap, Microsoft buildings,
Copernicus) into a single world population dataset. If you need it for
your analysis, get it here:

Hope to hear your thoughts on this update.


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