[OSM-talk] Java and JOSM

Andy Townsend ajt1047 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 4 14:50:41 UTC 2021

On 04/04/2021 15:32, john whelan wrote:
> I live in hope that one day I can get the functionality of JOSM and 
> its plugins without having to run JAVA.
Realistically, that's not going to happen, unless one of the following 

  * Someone reimplements all of JOSM and all of JOSM's plugins into a
    completely different program, developed from scratch
  * Someone makes available to you a remote machine where Java + JOSM
    are installed, and you run it there.

Neither are impossible, but both are I suspect pretty unlikely. Why the 
dislike of Java?  Technically using a runtime for compiled bytecode is a 
pretty common architecture - for example, arguably most current Windows 
development is done using .NET, which is a very similar approach.

Is there something that you'd like to do but can't do because JOSM is 
Java-based?  Perhaps the problem is that maintaining Java is a chore, 
maybe because you're using Windows and that doesn't have a native 
package manager (if that's the case I'd suggesting installing one such 
as Chocolatey)?

Best Regards,


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