[OSM-talk] Pictures of opening hours signs for machine learning purposes

Hartmut Holzgraefe hartmut at php.net
Fri Apr 9 07:56:06 UTC 2021

On 4/9/21 4:02 AM, Bryce Cogswell via talk wrote:

> When translating with a “live” camera feed the user can move the phone
> until the translation is correct

that definitely sounds like a good idea, as with my own survey tours I
often found that opening hours that appeared readable when taking the
picture turned out unreadable when going over the pictures at home for
several reasons.

This was for example when having:

* very low contrast (flash does not always help with that, see next item
* reflections (sunlight, flash)
* letters being placed on transparent background

Especially for the later case we tend to ignore how important our
ability to change focus quickly, and to correct for interactions
with the background behind transparent surface by slightly moving
our head while reading are ...


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