[OSM-talk] Suggested mass edits

pangoSE pangose at riseup.net
Mon Apr 19 06:38:14 UTC 2021

Read the whole thread. LGTM. Thanks for keeping an eye on this garbage data.

Martin Machyna <machyna at gmail.com> skrev: (18 april 2021 18:43:04 CEST)
>Hi everyone,
>I had an idea that came during my work on a buildings import. I would
>to clear/fix improperly created/deconstructed relations. This would
>1) Remove relations that have no members, nor are members of a relation
>relation[type](if: count_members() == 0);
>rel(br) -> .parents;
>(._; - rel(r.parents););
>out ids;
>2) Remove type=multipolygon from ways.
>out ids;
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