[OSM-talk] Hashtags are not sufficient changeset comments

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 08:49:15 UTC 2021

On 19/4/21 12:19 am, Stephan Knauss wrote:
> On 18.04.2021 14:22, Frederik Ramm wrote:
>> On 4/18/21 13:22, Frederik Ramm wrote:
>>> Hashtags can be used in addition to a good changeset comment but 
>>> they can never replace it. A changeset comment with 10 hashtags that 
>>> aren't documented anywhere is worse than no changeset at all.
>> "worse than no changeset comment at all"
> not entirely. If a changeset full of lowest-quality edits has 
> something like #hot, #tm, #missingmaps or similar, this already tells 
> me that it's not worth wasting time to try starting a conversation 
> with the mapper, as there is 0 response to such comments.
> So removing such edits before starting to re-map is much easier.
+1 .. even when you go to the trouble of finding and asking hte 
'organizer' no response. As such I will never take place in any mass 
mapping event.
> Same goes for changesets that read "add 2 tourist attrations", "add a 
> viewpoint" or other nonsense that maps.me auto-generates in areas 
> popular with tourists which use the app to store markers of 
> interesting points or plan their trip with it.
> Organized edits have to ensure that there are enough experienced 
> validators who review the edits. And they make sure that the email 
> address is monitored and not silently discarded.
> The same validators can also monitor that changeset comments are 
> meaningful at least a bit.
You'd think that would be the case.
> How about auto-blocking accounts for edits if more than three 
> changeset comments remain unanswered? Auto-block accounts which fail 
> verifying their email once every six months, either manually or by 
> actively using it to reply to messages?
> You are right in that OSM is a community. Those who map and run are 
> not part of the community.
> How many of these "bad" changeset comments are from active community 
> members in this definition? I would say a very low amount.
> Changeset comments are important in case of "unexpected" edits. If a 
> highway classification is severely changed, it helps to understand 
> why. Fixing obvious problems with tags can do with a simple generic 
> comment just stating that.

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