[OSM-talk] Joint statement from Quincy Morgan and the OpenStreetMap Foundation’s Board, regarding iD development

Jean-Marc Liotier liotier at osmfoundation.org
Tue Apr 27 11:29:48 UTC 2021

After two and a half years developing iD 
<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/ID>, Quincy wishes to pass the 
torch on, for personal reasons. Together with the OpenStreetMap 
Foundation <https://blog.osmfoundation.org/about/>, he will hand over iD 
to good hands; the Foundation is now starting the process of finding a 
replacement by consulting the OSM community about a planned paid 
position serving iD users.

To ensure continuity, Quincy will be part of an OpenStreetMap Foundation 
working group – a privileged environment to pass his knowledge as his 
successor ramps up in mastery of iD.

The OpenStreetMap Foundation remains fully committed to robust support 
of the editor through which 80% of OpenStreetMap users contribute to the 
common edifice.

The Foundation thanks Quincy for his great work on iD.

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