[OSM-talk] On the 2021 OpenStreetMap Foundation community survey

Allan Mustard allan.mustard at osmfoundation.org
Wed Feb 17 01:50:02 UTC 2021

First off, many thanks to everyone who participated in the OSMF 2021
community survey, which ended on February 14th.  The Board is busily
analyzing the results, and I have posted a notional schedule for release
of anonymized data and statistics on the Board wiki at
If there are specific desires for summary statistics, please let me
know, and we'll consider adding them to the list of analytical tasks if
they are judged to be of general interest.  We recognize that there may
be summary statistics of interest to people that cannot be derived from
anonymized data.  Before peppering me with questions about how the data
will be anonymized, please read

Second, I thank all the volunteer translators who rendered the survey
into 15 foreign languages from the original English:  Beyza Emin
(Arabic), Dennis Raylin Chen (Chinese), Jean-Marc Liotier (French),
Tobias Knerr (German), Harry Mahardhika Machmud (Indonesian), Alessandro
Sarretta (Italian), Satoshi Iida (Japanese), Dongha Hwang (Korean),
Mohammed Faisal (Kurdish), Mateusz Bartczak (Polish), Eduardo Addad de
Oliveira and Vitor George (Portuguese), Miriam Gonzelez (Spanish), Said
Turksever (Turkish), Andrey Golovin (Ukrainian), and Minh Nguyen
(Vietnamese). The Persian was a machine translation, and I provided the
Russian translation, for a total of 18 languages.  This is the broadest
array of languages offered in any OSM survey to date.

LimeSurvey reported 2,958 full responses, with 4,228 total responses. 
Upon downloading the data, we found 2,958 responses to all mandatory
questions, and smaller numbers with demographic data.  For example,
2,284 people provided the country of residence (which we will use for
parsing some of the responses), and 2,831 replied to "What is your
gender?"  Roughly 1,270 people started to take the survey but broke off
before completing the mandatory questions, with the result that these
entries provide us with no data.  With well over 2,200 full responses,
however, we have a very robust set of data, and look forward to sharing
it in spreadsheet form soon.  We will release raw data and normalized
data simultaneously, and both spreadsheets will be anonymized to protect
the privacy of respondents.

A few advance tidbits: 
* Out of the 2,958 who provided some demographic data, 2,489 identified
themselves as mappers, or 84 percent.  This is a mapper-driven project.
* Based on the demographic data, people from 121 countries responded. 
The largest number from any single country reside in Germany (411), and
1,080 (almost 1/3 of respondents providing demographic data) reside in
the European Union.  Fuller information on countries represented in the
survey can be found here:
* Out of the 2,831 respondents who declared gender data, 232 (8.2%) are
women, 2,522 (89.1%) are men, 44 (1.5%) are non-binary, and 33 (1.2%)
are other.
* 614 members of the OSM Foundation responded to the survey, i.e.,
slightly less than 1/3 of the OSMF membership.

Results will be posted to
https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/2021_Survey_Results as they are
ready.  Our top priority is preservation of anonymity in order to
respect the privacy of all respondents to the survey, followed by a
desire to share the results as expeditiously as wel can. 

Again, many thanks to all who participated in the survey.

/Allan Mustard, Chairperson/
/Board of Directors/
/OpenStreetMap Foundation/
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