[OSM-talk] Survey coming

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Sun Jan 10 11:48:28 UTC 2021

On Sunday 10 January 2021, Allan Mustard wrote:
> The OpenStreetMap Foundation Board of Directors has prepared a
> survey, which is now being translated into multiple languages, and
> which we hope will be ready for release in several languages on or
> about January 15th.  [...]

Since i did not see any consultation with the community about the design 
of the survey - did the board obtain outside advice from people with 
experience doing surveys on a diverse group of people with the aim to 
gather meaningful statistical data?  I am somewhat wary about that 
because past boards have used surveys often in a rather suboptimal way 
more as an instrument of asymmentric and selective political 
communication rather than as a means to gauge the views and mindset of 
the community in a neutral and statistically meaningful fashion and 
interpreting the results as reaffirmation for pre-existing views on 
their side.  See http://blog.imagico.de/on-surveying-the-surveyors/ for 
some past discussion on that.

Christoph Hormann

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