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I think that the discussion has taken a long time. Thank you and everyone who discussed it. I agree with the solutions to put the name tag blank or put it in the two names A/B and each language has its name that suits it. I think the Arab and Iranian society is open to these options, but how can we ensure that this thing is not changed, the new members who They don't know about this agreement or fanatics from both communities may not stick to it, also it may be the solution is from OSM data management to not allowing a change name tags.

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First: The basic rule about name is not based on the names of other organizations, but is based on:
 If some organizations call it by other names, this is not binding on us. The name used in most of the countries surrounding the Gulf is the Arabic name, not the Persian, and we told you the historical and ancient name is written in the int_name tag.

the issue with water bodies is that there is no "ground". For international waters it doesn't seem far fetched to look what IHO and UN are using. Among other countries, these are IHO members as well:
Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain.
IHO uses the name "Gulf of Iran (Persian Gulf)", in the S23 standard, p. 21 on top: https://iho.int/uploads/user/pubs/standards/s-23/S-23_Ed3_1953_EN.pdf (original from 1953, here's the 2002 draft for the 4th edition: https://legacy.iho.int/mtg_docs/com_wg/S-23WG/S-23WG_Misc/Draft_2002/S-23_Draft_2002_INDIAN_OCEAN.doc )

Leaving the name tag empty could be a viable compromise, but for name:en. which was mentioned as well, English use should matter.

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