[OSM-talk] Tracking the editing time

Alexander Zatko alexander.zatko at freemap.sk
Mon Jul 5 10:21:05 UTC 2021

Hi all, the code of conduct <https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Community_Code_of_Conduct_(Draft)#Violations_and_Enforcement> I found does not seem to ban product announcements, so here we go…

A new JOSM plugin <https://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Help/Plugin/RovasConnector> is available that does two things (for now):

• automatically tracks and displays the time a user spends editing in the application,

• makes a record of the editing time for a changeset in Rovas <https://rovas.app/> - an application of the community economic system NEO

The main benefit the plugin delivers is that the OSM community gains a new parameter for measuring work of volunteer mappers. Today we can count changesets, or data objects created, but not actual time spent editing. Having that measure could be interesting to the individual mappers, but might also help improve the flow of funds into the OSM ecosystem from sponsors and other sources, by providing them with easily undersood measure of the volunteer effort.

The time records are assigned to the Openstreetmap project <https://rovas.app/openstreetmap> in Rovas*

Other benefits

• Rovas pays users for their reports community currency Chron that can be used not only to reward other users’ projects, but can also be exchanged for euros (other currencies are indirectly also supported). The exchange rate is market-determined.

• A payment for reported work is issued after two Rovas-selected users aprove the submitted report, meaning that at least two other users inspect the created changesets to judge accuracy of the reported time. The extra eyeballs checking the edits could lead to  improvements in the OSM data quality.

• Rovas provides a reputation-like Merit reward the users receive, if somebody buys or rewards their Rovas projects. Merits assigned to a project are distributed to its shareholders, who can be individual users, or other projects.

The plugin was develped using Rovas API <https://merit.world/rovas-api>, which is available for use in other OSM applications and editors.

* Steve Coast or a person/organization he delegates, should apparently be the project owner. I would be happy to make the change upon request.
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