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> Should the highways on a public hospital grounds (footways, etc)

What difference does it make whether the hospital is public or private ?

> have access=*,

unless there are no access restrictions
The access tags should reflect the restrictions on the ground and may be
different for different ways and for different means of transport.

> maybe access=destination or access=permissive?

Attention: access=permissisive does not mean that permission is required
(this is a common mapping error in Italy)

> The idea is
> to prohibit routing through a hospital that has multiple entrances,
> unless the routing destination is the hospital itself.

Do you intend that to be a property of the hospital area tag? Or are we
talking about uniform access tagging of all hospital highways.

> Or are routers
> expected to avoid routing through the hospital grounds by default?


> I
> am not thinking about a specific router implementation, this is a
> general idea.
Do you want to create a set of default access values for areas tagged as
In that case I would say: not a good idea.

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