[OSM-talk] Persian/Arabian Gulf Tagging

Saeed Hubaishan سعيد حبيشان hubaishan at outlook.sa
Fri Jul 9 12:00:56 UTC 2021

Hi Ebrahim,

على ٢٩/١١/٤٢ ‫١١:٣٣ ص، كتب Ebrahim Nejati:
> I have no idea what point are you trying to make by calling Iranians
> terrorists and showing Google searches. But even that, is wrong.

I have a clear statement, I called only who sabotage and threaten to 
block or sabotage. not all Iranians.

> 1. You didn't include Persian. In Persian, "Persian Gulf" (خلیج فارس)
> has 30M results. "Arabic Gulf" (خلیج عرب) has 1M results.

Good point I am glade to add it. But notice that when you search without 
quotes google give you all equivalent of your term.  if searched for 
"خليج فارس" without quotes all "Arabian Gulf" and "Persian Gulf" results 
may appear.

"خليج فارس" give me only 792,000 results

"خليج عرب" give me only 3,940 results there aren't  any millions.

If you combine the "Arabian Gulf" term in both English and Arabic and 

11,500,000 + 5,770,000 + 3,940 =17,273,940 share percent 55.2%

If you combine the "Persian Gulf" term in both English and Arabic and 

449,000 + 12,800,000 + 792,000= 14,041,000 share percent 44.8%

> 2. Number of search results in Google are based on the location of your
> IP. Assuming you're in Saudi Arabia, results can be biased. As we can
> see even though in Saudi Arabia "Persian Gulf" in English is more used
> than "Arabian Gulf". -- I reached Google from Netherlands through a VPN
> before. Without VPN, Persian Gulf has 60M results in Google for me.
This maybe is because of unquoted terms.
> I'd also like to add that "you" changed key:name of Persian Gulf in the
> first place 3 months ago without any prior discussion in that sensitive
> region which resulted into edit wars.

I was fallowing the rules in the wiki see 

and when someone change the name I talked with him but no reply see 

All Iranian users whom edited the Gulf relation changed the Arabic name 
"name:ar"  "الخليج العربي" when it is the common and the official name.

this a clear case of  not accepting the other. there is no Arabic user 
changes the English name "name:en" or other languages name but Iranian 
users change all name keys to the translation of "Persian Gulf".

add almost name:language keys added by Iranian users not by native 
language users.

Saeed Hubiashan

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