[OSM-talk] Mechanical Edit?

Mike Thompson miketho16 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 16:01:06 UTC 2021

Would the following be considered a "mechanical edit" and fall under the
"Automated edits code of conduct"?

1. Browse Taginfo & Wiki for common tagging mistakes and deprecated
2. Run a global query with overpass-turbo.eu,
3. Load in JOSM.
4. ctrl+F --> color=* and colour=* --> remove color=*.  (e.g.)
5. Press upload just to run the validator.
6. Update some outdated roof tags (like building:roof:shape=*) in the same
way with ctrl+F.
7. Fix other issues that the validator picks up.
8. Run the validator again to check if the fixes work.
9. Upload all changes.

It seems that this is what user Friendly_Ghost is doing[0]

The original issue was the large geographic extent, but when Friendly_Ghost
protested that it would be too much work to break the changeset into
smaller pieces, I started to suspect a mechanical edit, and they seemed to
have confirmed as much by providing their workflow, which is summarized

Mike T (osm: tekim)

[0] e.g. https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/108430155
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