[OSM-talk] Automatic problem fixing is an automated edit

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jul 30 16:09:52 UTC 2021


On 7/30/21 15:51, Casper Kersten wrote:
> So the community has to ask for your permission each time we press 
> ctrl+F? 

"My" permission would be useless; if you're doing something that 
requires prior discussion with the community, that means the community 
active in the region where you're planning to make the edit, not one 
random guy in Germany.

As for whether or not "pressing Ctrl+F" is something that does require 
prior discussion with the community, you'd have to explain what exactly 
you mean by that - different editors have different shortcut keys - and 
what data set you would be loading into your editor.

A good test question that you can ask yourself is: Is it possible that 
what I'm doing here makes me the last person to touch an implausibly and 
obviously buggy thing - like perhaps an ATM at the coordinates 0;0 or a 
house on the surface of a lake? If yes, then that means I am about to 
edit things outside of my direct control, and that's where - generally - 
the need to discuss scope and methods with others starts.


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