[OSM-talk] Recent spikes in the use of road key

Bert -Araali- Van Opstal bert.araali.afritastic at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 17:06:11 UTC 2021

Dear all,

I was recently working on some local proposals and, through taginfo, saw 
some recent spikes in the use of the non approved and discouraged use of 
the road key (should be highway).
The spikes, due to their amount and short time-frame in which they 
appear seem to be indicating unnoticed mass or automated edits.
Do they need closer attention / investigation and action to revert ?

1. Jan 2017 - spike of +-500, seems to be reverted by +-300 by Mar 2017
2. Mar 2019 - spike of +-400, not reverted
3. Sep/Okt 2020 to Feb 2021 - spike of +-800, not reverted and 
continuing at a worrying rate

These 3 spikes together make up 3/4 of the total use cases of the road key.

Would appreciate some help with taginfo / overpass trubo / other tools 
to get more insight on the phenomena.


Bert Araali

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