[OSM-talk] You are still free to continue to use or interpret this tag as you see fit since OpenStreetMap does not have “banned features”

Sören Reinecke tilmanreinecke at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 16 13:32:21 UTC 2021

I will write a proposal summarizing the arguments.

*A reminder & appeal to everyone here:*
Under which wiki page should this be put? Because we need to speak to a 
wider audience. I feel some think they know what developers need to do 
in order to be able to use OSM data. This is not the healthiest way of 
thinking because OSM itself relieves heavily on developers and the OSM 
community wants them to use OSM data. OSM cannot make it to the 
Mainstream without them. Developers develop the software end users use 
to e.g. find their places, navigate through public transport etc. which 
in turn do not even realize where the data comes from. So the OSM 
community needs developers and throwing out sentences which are totally 
wrong do not help that much. Don't yell out that you don't know how 
things should work without having any or just basic database experience, 
please don't yell out how programs should work without knowing the 
concepts of computer programming (see also theoretical informatic which 
deals with such kind of questions). So please start listening to other 
folks. Let us use the expertise of each other e.g. mappers know to map, 
developers know how to develop, database developers know how a database 
should be as UX/UI designers know what non-OSM/Techies need in order to 
be able to use a particular app/website (this was another topic in talk-de).

At the end of this lines I have one question and I am explicitly asking 
you as mappers: Where is the right place to put such a proposal in? I 
ask you explicitly because I know you know how the structure in the wiki 
should be and I respect your choices & recommendations as I expect you 
respecting my statement (based on experience) that not having a kind of 
"banned features" due to deprecation is evil for such a project like 
OpenStreetMap and makes the database less useful to us.

Thanks & Cheerio

S??ren Reinecke alias Valor Naram

On 15.03.21 22:51, Marc_marc wrote:
> Le 15.03.21 ?? 15:33, Frederik Ramm a ??crit??:
>> any software that wants to use OSM data has to know both anyway
> that's :
> - not true : load the osm data from 2006 and do an osmcarto rendering,
> you will see if the projects eternally keep the 2-3-4 schemas that
> existed for the same thing.
> more pragmatically, projects clean up unused code, more or less
> aggressively depending on their vision. similarly, an application
> written in 2021 doesn't gain anything by having to double or triple
> its code to handle possible aliases because "any tag you like"
> allow anybody to use a dis
> - not the root issue : try to do something
> with diaper=no + changing_table=yes
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/803391443/history
> the only thing you can do with it is waste your time:
> either by writing rules to say that a conflict between
> 2 "alias" tags leads to ignoring both,
> or by spending time writing to the concerned contributors
> to correct the inconsistency,
> or by using one of the 2 values and then spending your
> time debugging why the value is wrong 50% of the time
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