[OSM-talk] Problem with HOT mapping in Niger

Léonie Miège l_miege at cartong.org
Tue May 18 06:49:59 UTC 2021

Hello everyone,

Léonie from CartONG here, the person in charge of the overall 
coordination of the TM project #10645 : 

First of all we want to thank the persons that spotted the issues with 
our projet and took the time to highlightthemon the OSM-Talk and HOT 
mailing lists. Thanks to Pete and Arnalie from HOT for reaching out as 
and having brought the issue to our attention.

We took the time to read the threads to underdand the extent of the 
issue and to come up with a plan to fix it. Here are the main action 
points that we are going to take as soon as possible. We'll keep you 
posted on as we progressively implement the actions points. Of course, 
if you have any more pieces of advice or constructive feedback you're 
more than welcome to reach out to us on the various OSM mailing lists as 
well as by sending us an email at missingmaps at cartong.org 
<missingmaps at cartong.org>

- The first thing we'll do is *fixing our TM project instructions*with a 
clear sentence that states that mappers should not change already 
existing tagging and with a clear indication to always refer back the 
OSM Highway Africa WikiPage : 
These elements were present historically in our instructions but have 
gone missing over time, we'll make sure to include them on any new 
project as well as existing projects still ongoing.

- We got in touch with the main contributor to this project in order to 
clarify with him what's been done and *plan with him the overall data 
cleaning that should be done by us*. At CartONG, we have a 3-steps 
process when it comes to organised editing on OSM on humanitarian and 
development projects :
1 - First step of mapping during mapathons and such through the Tasking 
Manager with mappers with different mapping levels.
2 - Second step of validation / data quality control also through the 
Tasking Manager with our trained volunteers that are advanced mappers.
3 - Third and last step of overall validation done by one or two of our 
most advanced volunteers that control the whole area that has been 
mapped in order to ensure homogeneous and consistent mapping in terms of 
tagging and  geometry.
On this project, once the the second step, the first validation, is 
complete, the next thing we'll do is *that step of overall validation 
with the main contributor and his colleagues that are advanced OSM 
mappers and familiar with highway tagging in Africa*.

- Finally, we'll *update our Organised Editing Activities OSM wiki 
by adding the Niger project.We have been working over the past few monts 
to be in compliance with OSM Organised Editing Guidelines, this is still 
a work in progress but our main projects are already there or will be 
upcoming very soon.


The CartONG Missing Maps team,
Contact info : missingmaps at cartong.org <missingmaps at cartong.org>

CartONG- Humanitarian mapping and information management 

Léonie Miège

Participatory Mapping Project Officer

Email: l_miege at cartong.org <mailto:l_miege at cartong.org> | Skype: 
Phone: +33 (0)4 79 26 28 82 | Mobile: +33 (0)6 47 70 55 42

Address:Chambéry, France - Lat: 45°34'50''N | Lon: 5°55'13''E

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