[Tile-serving] [mod_tile] Unit / functional / integration testing of renderd (#10)

Dane Springmeyer notifications at github.com
Thu Apr 11 17:57:36 UTC 2013

from #osm-dev:

apmon: springmeyer: Hi
[09:30am] springmeyer: hi there apmon
[09:31am] apmon: I had a look at your test suit
[09:31am] apmon: looks good over all.
[09:31am] apmon: I think I found your issue with the system return values
[09:31am] apmon: you need to translate it through WEXITSTATUS() macro
[09:32am] apmon: Otherwise, I was wondering if gen_tiles_test is the best name for the file
[09:32am] apmon: The directory is starting to get rather messy
[09:32am] apmon: and it would be good to try and clean it up somewhat as more and more files get added
[09:33am] apmon: I am also starting to see what you meant with renderd being a bit messy code wise and not ideal for testing
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[09:34am] apmon: I'll probably start refactoring the code into "sub-modules" while adding tests
[09:34am] apmon: e.g. factor the queue management out of the daemon.c, which should be able to be tested independently
[09:35am] springmeyer: apmon: awesome awesome
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[09:35am] springmeyer: I'm on board on every level
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[09:35am] springmeyer: I also think sub directories would be good, and renaming things ruthlessly to be more organized
[09:36am] apmon: Do you want to start with sub dirs for the testing framework?
[09:36am] springmeyer: feel free to not accept my pull if its easy for you to do that directly in master
[09:36am] springmeyer: ./test seems good
[09:36am] springmeyer: for all files related to tests
[09:36am] apmon: Ideal would be if you did a new pull request with the things fixed... 
[09:36am] apmon: but I can do them too
[09:36am] springmeyer: k, on a call right now but I can take a look in an hour or so
[09:37am] _sev joined the chat room.
[09:37am] apmon: no rush. I am busy today anyway

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