[Tile-serving] NASA requesting NASA data be exported to in OpenStreetMap format

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Tue Apr 16 02:30:52 UTC 2013

I read over it and this is not about converting to the OpenStreetMap format,
but making NASA/USGS (MODIS, Landsat and EOS) imagery available as OSM/GMaps
TMS tiles. This would be a huge help in making the data more accessible to
more applications and it would help making the data usable in OSM.


This list is more about serving OSM data, but I'll offer some thoughts. I
take Landsat and EOS imagery and serve it as tiles for some HOT efforts, so
I have some experience with this idea. 


1.       There are two ways to serve tiles. You can pre-generate tiles and
serve them or you can create them on-demand from the geotiff (or other
format). The first requires CPU time to pre-generate the tiles and a lot of
storage to store the tiles, but serving the tiles is very easy, takes no
significant server resources, and can be easily done from EC2 storage. The
second requires no additional storage, but requires enough server capacity
to extract tiles from the geotiff. The geotiffs would still require some
processing to be in a suitable format to quickly generate tiles. You'd also
stick a cache in front of the server.


For my application (low demand tiles) I use the second option and
pre-convert the imagery to spherical Mercator geotiffs at the right
resolution, with JPEG compression and overviews, and then use
mapserver+mapproxy to create tiles with caching.


2.       To use landsat normally requires combining multiple landsat images
to cover a wider area, and picking and choosing these images from different
orbits to get around cloud cover. This is better suited for on-demand
rendering as you could specify a list of landsat scenes in the layer URL or
have some other mechanism for combining on-demand.


3.       The best image storage formats and SDKs are proprietary. I wish it
were otherwise, but overviewed jpeg encoded tiled+overviewed geotiffs are
not as good as the other formats available.


4.       This is going to take significant storage and processing capacity.



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As part of the Space App Challenge NASA has suggested putting their
planetary data in OpenStreetMap format. I am working on this and would like
to ask questions as I know nothing about OpenStreetMap. Any suggestions on
how to go about it would be appreciated. Specifically Geo Coding format
converters already avaliable and where to find them. And how to setup an
OpenStreetMap Server. People all over the country will be working on this.


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