[Tile-serving] [osm2pgsql] Providing Windows binaries/packages (#17)

Rungee notifications at github.com
Wed Apr 17 07:24:47 UTC 2013


Thank you guys for your valuable efforts.
But it seems that the build from  @onepremise has some problems.
More exactly, on italy-latest.osm.pbf I caught an unhandled exception which was somewhere in the processing of relations (17410).

I have managed to find an id of OSM object. This is a relation

Moreover,I would like to mention that your Cygwin build works much slower then the one provided by Dominik Perpeet.
Here is my benchmarks for cygwin and Dominik's (http://customdebug.com/osm/osm2pgsql.zip) builds for italy-latest.osm.* files.

--------------------------- Cygwin ---------------------------
Node 94.1k/s   Way 3.97k/s   Relation 29.66/s

Node 205.8k/s  Way 5.01k/s   Relation 10.82/s

--------------------------- Dominik  ---------------------------
Node 136.4k/s  Way 12.03k/s   Relation 133.92/s

Node 213.2k/s  Way 14.91k/s   Relation 130.9/s

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