[Tile-serving] [osm2pgsql] Split long lines between nodes (#20)

Matt Amos notifications at github.com
Sat Apr 20 20:02:43 UTC 2013

This patch changes the line splitting algorithm so that it will split between nodes to maintain a maximum line length of `split_at`. Previously the algorithm would only split at nodes, meaning very long lines could still be generated by very long single segments.

This has been tested on an artificial test case consisting of one world-spanning way, and the most recent "bayern-latest" extract from Geofabrik. On the "bayern-latest" case, the maximum difference in summed line lengths by `osm_id` is 1.05e-09 meters.
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Changed long line splitting algorithm to be able to split between nodes.
  * Untabify changes from previous commit.

-- File Changes --

    M build_geometry.cpp (75)

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