[Tile-serving] mod_tile causes segfault on debian 7.0

Sven Geggus lists at fuchsschwanzdomain.de
Wed May 22 12:01:57 UTC 2013

Tom Hughes <tom at compton.nu> wrote:

> Unfortunately there is no way (that Kai has found) to get a per-thread 
> memory pool on 2.2 so the old code is still used there, which will quite 
> likely crash if you are using a threaded mpm.

Which renders current versions of mod_tile defakto unusable on Ubuntu LTS
and Debian stable at least if you don't use backports of Apache 2.4 ?!

Can't we just keep a branch with the old (stable) code then?

As I don't run renderd I won't be able to use other tile storage backends


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