[Tile-serving] New option for tile server: Nginx+Tirex

Hiroshi Miura(@osmf) miurahr at osmf.jp
Fri May 24 12:18:25 UTC 2013


On 2013年05月24日 01:42, OldGreyCells wrote:
> Hi Hiroshi
> Not sure if this is relevant to your project, but nginx will allow you to create a tilecache really, really easily.
> In your sites-enabled config file:
> proxy_cache_path /var/www/tilecache/osm levels=1:2:2 keys_zone=tilecache:64m max_size=500m;
> <snip>

Thanks for your suggestion.

 I exactly agree that is easy to build a simple tile cache.
My first commit to project is almost same as your sample
and I could work it in just a hours!

-> my first commit in the project.

 I've worked 2month in my spare time, because rest of effort to development , more than 90%,
is to build a Tirex driver,  intelligent routing logics, documentation and provisioning automation.

Now I'd like to add a topic..

Even it is quite easy, I'm wondering how we can handle tiles more and more efficiently in Nginx.
Could you teach me how we can handle cache tile effectively?

The tilecache.org handle tiles intelligently and it knows metatile.

Simple Nginx handle each tiles individually, so there may be some  disk usage  disadvantage or
I/O performance penalty.

It is just an idea but I'd like to look into KVS such as Redis or memcached .


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