[Tilesathome] Client Stability

matthew-osm at newtoncomputing.co.uk matthew-osm at newtoncomputing.co.uk
Fri Dec 7 13:37:28 GMT 2007


On Fri, Dec 07, 2007 at 08:21:51AM -0500, Milenko wrote:
> I've run across two issues that seem to keep recurring, both of which will
> cause the client to die and be manually restarted.  First one is the inkscape
> preferences file, which seems to get b0rked any time inkscape crashes.  Since
> the fix is to delete the /home/user/.inkscape directory and restart the
> client, couldn't the client simply do this at the start of every loop?  That
> way inkscape will generate a new preferences file every loop and should keep
> this from happening.  Unless this file is meaningful in some other way?

Well, I wouldn't want my Inkscape preferences deleted by an automatic process
when I didn't know it was going to happen...

However, a better way may be to set "HOME=`pwd`"[1] at the start of processing,
so you keep separate inkscape preferences for the t at h stuff. (Or equivalent on

Incidentally, it also needs to unset the DISPLAY variable as this causes
problems with Inkscape if set. Recent Inkscape has a "don't use X" option
("-z"), but older versions may not.



[1] Actually, something like "export HOME=$(dirname `readlink -f $TAH_PROG`)"
would be safer, in case not run from the tilesAtHome directory.

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