[Tilesathome] Script for crashing Inkscape/tilesGen.pl

Matti Viljanen matti.viljanen at wippies.com
Sat Jul 18 09:50:26 BST 2009

I think I need to rehearse using mailing lists...

There's also something wrong with my Apache;
it gives me the old file until I forcefully restart the service...
I'm using symlink-to-newest approach now, so it should work.
If you still get the old one, toss me a mail.

I made some more changes.
Download from http://direc.wippies.net/tilesAtHomeTools.tar.gz

- Logfile now includes used CPU time and loop delay,
  so that loop too short could be notices
- Fixed printing empty pid-lines
- Improved Inkscape matching (Johan Ur Riise)
- Only the killed Inkscape gets logged now
- Script talks even less
- Added some comments

- Deletes stopfile.txt on startup (Johan Ur Riise)
- Inkscape preferences.xml cleared on each loop (Johan Ur Riise)
- Added/fixed a few comments/values

PS. Regex is torture. Took me half an hour to come up with the one used!
Matti Viljanen

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