[WelcomeWG] Messages to new mappers in Poland - analysis of their effect (part 2)

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Wed Feb 20 22:30:20 UTC 2013

The Polish community sends welcome messages to 75% of new mappers*. I 
did an initial analysis of users starting mapping roughly in November to 
see if they were still mapping in the month up to 20th January, and 
posted the results here:


The headline figures were:

Of those who were messaged, 27 of 144 are "still mapping" (19%)
Of those who not were messaged, 10 of 41 are "still mapping" (24%)

It's now time to do the same analysis on mappers who started mapping in 
December (actually, 2nd December to 1st January inclusive), to see if 
they submitted any changesets between 20th January and now.

Of those who were messaged, 17 users out of 107 are "still mapping" (16%)
Of those who not were messaged, 5 of 25 are (20%)

Again, it's probably worth making the point that it's still early days, 
the numbers are small, etc., but again there isn't a clear positive 
correlation between "welcome messages" and "retention". We'll see what 
next month's numbers reveal...


* Again, thanks to the Polish community who did all the work setting all 
this up - I'm just doing the counting here.

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