[Accessibility] [OpenStreetMap - Accessibility] Tactile Map ?

Larry Skutchan lskutchan at aph.org
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Another excellent option that works now even on an inexpensive 3-D printer, see touchmapper.org

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Hello, Buenos dias,

I do not have any 3D tactile map.

Do you have access to a 3D printer at your university ? With 3D plans from a third person, you could print it yourself ?

Maybe you could investigate that domain :

Though personally, I think the future technology will not be 3D maps, but 3D soft-printer or touch screen, some device that will output a 3D object on a tactile screen.

(in terms of mobility, it will be easier to move in the streets with a small pocket device rather than with a 1 square meter solid map...)

I am not active in that domain, so I can not help you anymore.

By the way, you did not mention whether you are or not visually impaired 
or blind ?
(you need not reply that question - it was just to be sure that you will 
be able to easily read the two articles I have cited...)

You also did not mention if you are studying a bachelor or a Master degree.

Best wishes,

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