[Openstreetmap-dev] osm-editor on ubuntu breezy; irritating Garmin behaviour

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Thu Aug 11 16:13:43 BST 2005

>Hi all,

>For anyone else trying to compile osm-editor on Ubuntu Breezy, it seems
>to wants #include <math.h> prepended to a few cpp files to tell it about
>the M_PI constant and a few floating point functions such as sqrt.

Noticed that when trying to compile on Fedora Core... both Debian (sarge
and unstable) and Mandrake 10.1 must include <math.h> in something else.
Will try and get round to fixing it...

>Other than that, when all the necessary packages mentioned in the
>osm-editor README are installed, it compiles just fine.

>Now, a buglet: my Garmin insists on "logging" the last visited point
>when powered up indoors with no signal (for example when I'm downloading
>a track from it). I can't seem to delete such a trkseg in osm-editor; I
>can delete down to (I think) the last one or two points of the trkseg,
>then it bombs out. I haven't yet established whether this relates to:
>(a) deleting entire trksegs, (b) some issue with rendering short trksegs
>that consist only of the same point repeated, or (c) something else.

One thing I have noticed about my Garmin GPS (etrex legend) is the first
logged point is always utter nonsense, whatever the reception's like -
guess that must be due to what you've just described.

ATM you cannot completely delete a trkseg... on the todo list as always :-)
ATM my priority is Ajaxifying Freemap but again, when I (or someone else)
gets round to it....


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