[Openstreetmap-dev] Re: where's the vaporware ?

Tom Carden tom at tom-carden.co.uk
Fri Aug 12 11:14:32 BST 2005

Some cheeky guy wrote:
> heya,
> how's the thing coming ?

As usual, development has been subject to unexpected "ooh shiny!" 
distractions.  Like somebody leaving work yesterday and offering to buy 
everyone beer, like writing for Google Mapping Hacks, etc. etc.  But enough 
excuses.  Here's the current state of play...

>From my TODO BEFORE RELEASE list at the top of the code:

1. Allow deletion of nodes/lines
2. Save line segments names back to OSM
3. Choose line width and node size based on scale
4. Stop hard-coding my username and password (just use params)
5. Report useful errors, somehow.
6. Fix status/println to use browser status bar
7. Implement a redirect or something so we can load NASA satellite data in 
the applet
8. GPL everything
9. automate deployment from SVN - currently it has to be compiled inside 
Processing, but with some tweaking that won't be necessary

1. is easy, nearly done, will take a few minutes to test.
2. is a bit trickier, but I think I have it sorted (need to test with a bit 
of London I know about)
3. is hard, and I wouldn't mind some help (at the moment I just have +/- 
keys change the line thickness) it's not totally necessary before release 
4. is easy, I just need to delete two lines of code before release.
5. is hard, for now I'm using the window status, because I hate pop-ups (an 
error has occurred - "OK!") but I'd like to highlight nodes/lines which 
haven't been saved yet, something like that. Again, it's not totally 
necessary before release though.
6. is just a bit of find/replace, changing println to status - easy
7. I'm kind of hoping we can run a local mapserver and properly cache 
things, but I can use a hacky php proxy in the meantime
8. is a bit of cut and paste - easy
9. I need to ask Steve about

I should have an hour in my lunch break.  Fingers crossed.  Suggestions for 
3 gratefully accepted.  Your task is to generate a stroke weight in pixels, 
based on numbers like degrees per pixel, kilometers per pixel, pixels per 
metre - whatever you need.

The after release TODO list is massive, but I fully expect that to happen 
"in SVN" and "on list", once my initial round of bug-fixing has occurred.



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