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dblasby at openplans.org dblasby at openplans.org
Mon Aug 15 15:40:53 BST 2005


You should check out http://mapbuilder.sourceforge.net/ (mapbuilder) -
they are an AJAX based library for doing webmapping.  Lots of really
good stuff in there - including allowing the user to draw points,
lines, and polygons on the screen and send them to the server.  They're
starting to get a lot of diverse goups of people working on it, so I
highly recommend checking them out.  There's also a few other OS
projects out there.

Its WFS/WMS based, so it'll work with anything that supports the open
OGC standards.  I'm sure you could modify it so it works with OSM.

Although I highly recommend considering changing OSM so its ALSO open
standards based like WFS/GML - most of the RDF stuff you can also do in
both GML and RDF (especially since OSM seems to be just key-value pairs
which you can easily represent in GML several ways).  If you allow
access in GML then you can interoperate with all the other tool out
there; and there's a lot of people working on OS tools that talk

I also did some notes on AJAX, Flash, and SVG;


There's some sample SVG data there for the streets in manhatten (look
down at the bottom).  I also have all of NY in SVG if you wanted to see
a larger (100,000) road example.  I really like SVG, but its not
supported very well on browsers.  The native firefox implementation
seems to be humming along, and there's rumours that IE7 will suport
some type of SVG natively.

TOPP (The Open Planning Project) is very soon starting the
"GeoCollaborator" project.  The basic goals of the GeoCollaborator
project is to "bring open mapping to the masses" in the sense that we
want people to be able to easily put maps on their site, easily add and
edit layers, and easily share their layers with others.

The link above goes into a little bit more detail about what we're
planning; we're hoping to work with OSM and other projects!  I think
chris holmes has been talking, here, about what we're planning to do.


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