[Openstreetmap-dev] editing applet very unresponsive

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Sun Aug 28 07:30:13 BST 2005

Tom Carden wrote:

> Also, part of the unresponsiveness is down to the overhead of 
> the XML-RPC API, which we hope to alleviate with a new REST API 

If the problem is that you try to transfer the coordinates of 5000 
GPS samples, this is not going to improve by moving from one kind 
of API to another.  You must cut down the amount of data that 
needs to be transferred.  Producing a bitmap image of the grey GPS 
samples on the server and transferring it as a GIF or PNG image 
over the network should be faster.  It can then be used in the 
applet as a background slate for drawing the black nodes and 
lines.  If zooming and panning are locked to discrete levels, the 
images can be cached on the server.  The cached images only need 
to be cleared when new GPS points are uploaded.

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