[Openstreetmap-dev] Success, and some questions...

Robert Merkel robert.merkel at benambra.org
Wed Aug 31 16:00:57 BST 2005


I've now successfully edited some trial points (and deleted them again) with
the new applet.  My problems with the applet seemed to be related to broken
firefox chrome, when I reinstalled firefox the problem went away.  

My congratulations to the developers, but a few questions/comments:

* The scheme where points and lines have an "absolute width" (so that
they scale up and down in visible size with the map scale) would seem to 
be a bit problematic, to say the least...

* Similarly, the line naming only works on absurdly large-scale maps...

* Can the applet add key-value pairs to lines yet?

* Is the combination of the Sun JVM on Linux/Mozilla running applets the 
EMACS of the 21st century - sufficiently slow to make even the fastest computer
seem sluggish?

and perhaps the most important question of all:

* Given the fact the applet clearly could do with some additional development 
assistance, is there a set of instructions for setting up a development environment
so I can start hacking on the codebase to deal with some of these (and many other)

Finally, I notice the list of key-value pairs.  It seems to me that to make the
data usable (for instance, for in-car navigation, one item on my personal very long-term wishlist), 
some careful thought will have to be given to standards for assigning key-value pairs to
denote relevant road features; 
ultimately, I eexpect the applet and other editors will need to, um, "encourage" the use
of those standards to encourage consistent quality.  Is there a document summarizing the present
state of this issue?

                                           Robert Merkel
                                     robert.merkel at benambra.org

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