[Openstreetmap-dev] editing applet very unresponsive

Frank Mohr f_mohr at yahoo.de
Tue Aug 30 16:02:14 BST 2005

Nick Whitelegg wrote:
>>>Tom Carden wrote:
>>>>Also, part of the unresponsiveness is down to the overhead of
>>>>the XML-RPC API, which we hope to alleviate with a new REST API
>>>If the problem is that you try to transfer the coordinates of 5000
>>>GPS samples, this is not going to improve by moving from one kind
>>>of API to another.  You must cut down the amount of data that
>>>needs to be transferred.  Producing a bitmap image of the grey GPS
>>>samples on the server and transferring it as a GIF or PNG image
>>>over the network should be faster.  It can then be used in the
>>>applet as a background slate for drawing the black nodes and
>>>lines.  If zooming and panning are locked to discrete levels, the
>>>images can be cached on the server.  The cached images only need
>>>to be cleared when new GPS points are uploaded.
>>Thats exactly what I'm planning to do :-)
> Sounds a good idea come to think of it. Will move towards this approach in
> osm-editor rather than downloading the GPX from the server. This will mean
> that you won't be able to edit existing data with osm-editor, but the
> applet can be used for that so there isn't really the need. The idea of
> osmeditor is more to prepare just-surveyed data and do a first upload.

just an idea ..
how about adding a function to limit the fetch by date
something like
and only returns new/changed/deleted nodes in the area
this would allow to cache the elements localy



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