[Openstreetmap-dev] mash-up

Johan Sundström oyasumi at gmail.com
Fri Dec 16 17:15:32 GMT 2005

>> Johan Sundström (not yet on this list?) tried to mash us up with
>> Google Maps.

I'm listening in. As I haven't really made any research on what has
been done in the field of OSM+GMaps mashups, I found it prudent
not to rush in with any announcements or similar. It was a bit of a
feasibility study, without in-depth peeking neither at the intestines
of GMaps nor OSM. "At a glance", so to speak.

> Me neither, it sounds awfully fiddly.  Just van den Broecke's
> approach was much smarter I think.
> http://www.geoskating.com/gmap/osm-gmap.html

Interesting; Just has apparently already implemented what I thought
had not been done yet; great! (And, for what it is worth, even using
the same approach at that.)

The focus on alignment in my study is sort of irrelevant to an actual
implementation such as van den Broecke's, where all tile coordinates
are generated programmatically, with minute precision (pun, hm, very
nearly unintentional).

> (This is *great* as a progress report, and a thought experiment, but
> usual caveats apply about not being tempted to use it whilst editing).

Come to think of it, I can easily see why you choose not to feature a
GMap mashup visualization on your site where people are likely to
find it, on closer reflection. People typically don't read up on complex
things like these caveats, and you would very easily get tainted data.

Not sure if introductions are customary on this list, but here is a not
very brief note on who I am, in a context relevant to Open Streetmap:

I have been developing client and server side web applications since
the mid nineties (presently employed programming user interfaces
for set top boxes and related services in HTML, CSS and javascript).
Frequent sources of play and enjoyment include open web APIs (the
Google Maps API and geocoding services, for instance), and recent
interests have graced Greasemonkey too (taking stabs of my own at
applications such as Book Burro) and making at slightly ambitious
web site mashups.

I live in Linköping, Sweden, find web cartography one of the more fun
and interesting things to channel creativity through recently, and think
fondly of grassroots efforts such as openstreetmap. Another broader
field of interest is open collaboration development efforts on the web,
and making on-going development more accessible to curious casual
visitors stopping by on the web.

Pleased to make your acquaintance. :-)

 / Johan Sundström, http://ecmanaut.blogspot.com/

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