[Openstreetmap-dev] Areas or Polygons

Matt Amos matt at matt-amos.uklinux.net
Mon Dec 19 17:06:46 GMT 2005

On Thursday 15 December 2005 21:23, Tom Carden wrote:
> Immanuel Scholz wrote:
> > Areas included already in the proposal at
> > http://www.openstreetmap.org/wiki/index.php/XML_Schema.
> >
> > However, they are unimplemented.
> >
> > The tags within the area should not be a real data tag, but a
> > reference to an already existing node. This is the same as for
> > segments and streets.
> Why?  Would you reuse these "nodes" in more than one polygon?

wouldn't you reuse nodes when you have  (e.g:) a road going through a 
forest? the nodes making up the road would be part of the road, the 
left-hand forest area and the right-hand forest area. or would you 
duplicate the nodes? what would you do if someone moved a road node 
so that the road went through the forest area?

or am i being too pedantic in thinking that roads and areas are not 
allowed to intersect? ;-)

btw: i'm trying to learn XML Schema, so i thought i'd use OSM as a 
guinea pig. the results are in the SVN repository in the directory 
"schema" and i've put some explanatory ramblings on the wiki.



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