[Openstreetmap-dev] Recent improvements to the editing applet

Christian van den Bosch cjb at cjb.ie
Sat Dec 31 12:56:30 GMT 2005

[moving from openstreetmap to openstreetmap-dev per Mikel's suggestion]

Mikel Maron wrote:
> Good recommendations -- it's worth getting some solid metrics, and determine an optimal tile size. And looking at the load order of tiles, vectors.
> I believe the editor/viewer is requesting 5 x 4 tiles, since the bounding box does not overlap the pre-tiling precisely. 

Hmmm. Would it be worthwhile moving some of the tile processing into the 
applet? Given that at levels of zoom that are useful for editing, tiles 
look like they're generated by magnifying and gaussian-blurring tiles 
from lower levels of zoom - for higher zoom levels, could the applet 
cache tiles from lower zoom levels, and magnify/blur those itself as 
appropriate? This should cut down significantly on both CPU and 
bandwidth usage on the server, and hopefully make the applet seem more 
responsive too.

Feel free to shoot this idea down in flames if it's idiotic :)

Christian / cjb


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