[Openstreetmap-dev] Re: [Openstreetmap] XMLRPC interface question

Frank Mohr f_mohr at yahoo.de
Sat Sep 3 16:02:28 BST 2005

Changed it from openstreetmap to openstreetmap-dev

Ben Gimpert wrote:
>>(i know .. i shold send a list of nodeids to getLines ..
>>but this is for a limited test area)
> Hey, it's your call -- but the underlying "IN (123, 234, 345)" clause in
> the SQL is much faster.

as i wrote ... this was a test script, my Perl getLines accepts a
list of lineids and passes it as a list to the XMLRPC call

> Is there any chance this mysterious "14" might actually -- and thus
> incorrectly -- in the data *as* the street's name?

*argh* right
thats the call in the Perl module

my $resp = $cli->send_request(

I'm sending the nKeyUID twice ...
Need to have another look at my Perl module

>>when i just had a look at this code, i noticed some problems there
>>(SVN Revision: 544)
>>- the name string is allways added, even if it's empty
> Feature or bug?! You decide.

it just doesn't match the documentation

>>- what happens if a segment belongs to more than one street
>>  (there is no problem to create that with
>>  newStreet()/addSegmentToStreet() and i also think we need that
> The getLines() will probably return the most recent belonged-to
> street, since we've got an "ORDER BY timestamp DESC" on damn near
> everything.

i'd prefer a list of streetids instead of the streetname,
as we don't have another way to get the streetids and
therefore no way to get other attributes of that street.



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