[Openstreetmap-dev] Hooking up osm-editor to Openstreetmap

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Sun Sep 4 15:05:07 BST 2005

Have started to implement a simple server-side system on Freemap where you can 
check out data with osm-editor, edit it using osm-editor then check it back 
in again. You can also link in newly-surveyed GPS data to Freemap data, e.g. 
link paths together. I have been using GPX to transfer the data.

It's rather buggy at the moment, and there's no login check; instead access is 
restricted (on the Apache level) to my own box. In other words, it's not 
usable to anyone else at the moment.

However, why I'm mailing now is... is the new OpenStreetMap REST API at a 
stage that I can start working on the key-value system? If so, I'll focus my 
activities in that direction rather than further developing my own 
server-side implementation.

What I'd like to also get done, certainly in time for WSFII, is some Ajax 
stuff on Freemap.


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