[Openstreetmap-dev] Error compiling osm-editor

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Wed Sep 14 09:35:55 BST 2005

Niccolo Rigacci <niccolo at rigacci.org>@vr.ucl.ac.uk on 14/09/2005 09:18:57

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Subject:    [Openstreetmap-dev] Error compiling osm-editor

>Today I downloaded osm sources from svn:

>svn --username anonymous co http://www.openstreetmap.org/svn

>than I did:

   cd ~/svn/osm-editor/jeeps-0.1.4-nick/
   cd ~/svn/osm-editor/

>I get this error:

>SRTMConGen.cpp:71: error: 'floor' was not declared in this scope

>If I "#include <math.h>" in the file SRTMConGen.cpp the error
>goes away, but I get several other errors in other files, always
>related to missing <math.h>. Is there something I missed?

Sorry... known problem, the same happens on Fedora. I've been meaning to
get round to change this for a long time.... I know it's trivial but it's
often the trivial things you overlook   :-) Do you want to checkin your
changes to subversion? To be compliant with current C++ standard it's best
to use #include <cmath> rather than <math.h>.

>I'm on a Debian Etch box

Strange I'm on testing too.

> upgraded yesterday to gcc 4.0.1,

That's probably why - I use 3.something or other either 3.3. or 3.4.



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