[Openstreetmap-dev] JEEPs is wrong.

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Wed Sep 21 00:37:56 BST 2005

> Ok, so thats enough for me to choose another code over Jeeps :). Nick,
> did you had problems in osm-editor mapping pictures on background
> images, because the coordinates seem to be rotated by a small bit?

I *did* have problems (see the list, or maybe the dev-list, around April or 
May) - things were about 0.1km out - but then they mysteriously disappeared, 
which I attributed to a correction on the Landsat server. 

At the moment I don't do any lat-long to gridref conversion in osm-editor, 
everything is pure lat-long (WGS84). However the new version of Freemap 
includes a Landsat mode, and that does conversions using Jeeps routines 
ported to PHP, and seems spot-on.At the moment everything seems to be pretty 
much spot on within the accuracy that I can make out using Landsat. That's in 
the areas close to 51N, 1W by the way.


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