[Openstreetmap-dev] New and (hopefully) optimised version of osm-editor

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Wed Sep 21 17:22:22 BST 2005

Made a few changes to osm-editor today:

1. I have made a few optimisations to the display of tracks and track
points. When you're zoomed out a long way, track points and lines between
points are only shown if the points are at least two pixels apart on the
screen. Previously, it displayed all points, even when zoomed out a long

2. In conjunction with speeding up the Landsat facility, I have added a new
movement mode.
If you use the keys h (left), j(down), k(up), L (right), you can move by
one screen width at a time. This is useful when using the Landsat data; new
Landsat data (of the dimensions of the window, and no more) is grabbed each
time you move. Thus speed-wise it is similar to OpenStreetMap's grabbing of
Landsat data as you move.
(In the other mode of movement, where you use the arrow keys to move a
small distance at a time, the application pauses every so often to grab new
Landsat data when you move out of the bounds of the area of
currently-downloaded data).

3. The editor will now save and load "OpenStreetMap format" GPX data as
opposed to the default ("Freemap format") GPX data. These differ in the
following way: "OSM format" GPX treats each segment as a separate <trk>
element with one <trkseg>, while "Freemap format" treats each segment as a
separate <trkseg>; all <trkseg>s are within one <trk>. It is the eventual
aim to move fully to the "OSM format" variety - which seems better (see my
earlier post) - but I've kept the old GPX reading code ("Freemap format")
in for backwards compatibility.

Hopefully you will find it faster - I certainly noticed the difference
though I do have a fairly new PC.


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