[Openstreetmap-dev] Proposal for an own xml format

Niccolo Rigacci niccolo at rigacci.org
Tue Sep 27 08:27:51 BST 2005

> i had a look at your gis:download page
> how do you edit the VMAP0 data?

Till now I used only Political Boundary from Vmap0.

I did just minor editing: joined some region that was splitted 
due Vmap "tiles", removed (I)sle of Man from (I)taly, added San 

I did it all importing shape into PostGIS with 
shp2pgsql, then using PostGIS functions like GeomUnion().

For cities coordinates I used ISTAT (Italian Statistic 
Institute) data, freely available.

Niccolo Rigacci
Firenze - Italy

War against Iraq? Not in my name!

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