[OSM-dev] New map renderer now working in OSM environment

nick at hogweed.org nick at hogweed.org
Sun Apr 30 23:21:41 BST 2006

Hello Steve,

(cced to dev list)

Have now integrated the new map renderer into the OSM environment, at 
http://nick.dev.openstreetmap.org. I think it's more or less ready to go live 

To do this I did the following:

- replaced tile.js with my amended version (with a cleaner API and some extra 
stuff like x/y to lat/lon conversion)
- altered eruby/index.rhtml and eruby/include/top.rhtml
- added a new JavaScript file main.js, containing some initialisation code 
which sets up the tile.js

It appears to work on Firefox, Konqueror (3.3.2), Opera (8.54) and (gasp!) 
Internet Explorer. 

I've added the HTML form for the latest version of the search, however it 
doesn't appear to work (I get a 404 not found) which must be some sort of 
configuration issue.

Landsat can be toggled on/off with the third icon on the toolbar (feel free to 
suggest/draw alternative icons :-) that one was a 'knock up in a couple of 
minutes' job...)

Note that the Landsat is grabbed from my PHP script from onearth.jpl.nasa.gov. 
If you let me know the URL of the OSM Landsat server I can replace it and the 
landsat will appear much quicker :-)


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